Michael Du Vernois photography


When I was in middle school, in Newington, Connecticut, I had the fortune to have an excellent photography instructor who introduced me to the 35mm camera, to developing B&W film, and to the joys of macro-photography. Years later, with a Ph.D. in physics earned, I still carried a camera with me, now capturing the odd world of astronomers, physicists, and our experiments in every corner of the world.

On the roads of Argentina, to and from the construction of the Pierre Auger Observatory under construction in Malargue, Mendoza, I found fascinating roadside shrines to the Saints, for good luck, and for the casualties of the road. The totems and sculptures of Polynesia have been another photographic subject.

Both within and outside of academia, I find subjects in the scientists, engineers, and the self-contained worlds of science experiments. These excursions have taken me to the South Pole, to vast experiments in the Pampas, to the deserts of Namibia, and into science laboratories rarely seen by outsiders.

Michael DuVernois now resides in Madison, Wisconsin.


More personal photos are located on my personal web pages: DuVernois travel pictures, family shots, odd pictures, and art in my life.

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